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Whether you're a flats fisherman who stalks the back country and shallow water flats or an offshore fisherman prowling the open sea, SeaHunter wants to build your custom dream boat. Our goal is to build the highest quality boats, customized for each owner, providing years of enjoyment. Each boat has several customization options that can be configured based on your preference. Because customizing the boat is such an important process, we'll gladly spend time with you discussing your needs, recommending what may work best for you, as well as, what has worked for other owners. At the same time, have piece of mind knowing that we've carefully tested and delivered all configurations so that no matter how the boat is customized, the result will be a perfect fit. We invite your inquiries regarding our custom hand crafted fishing boats and view this as an opportunity the build the boat of your dreams!


    The SeaHunter 45′ Tournament is a quad powered monster capable of 60mph plus speed and a wave smashing hull that can take you 600 miles in ANY conditions.

    • 45′ 4″ Overall Length
    • 12′ Beam Length
    • 780 Gal Max Capacity
    • 1,400 Max HP

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    Whether patrolling our shores as a law enforcement vessel, running to the out islands for big-game fishing, or simply enjoying quality time on the water, this extraordinary center console is the ultimate platform for taking on the open sea with substance and style.
    • 41′ 4″ Overall Length
    • 12′ Beam Length
    • 647 Gal Max Capacity
    • 2,800 Max HP

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    Releasing the beast- SeaHunter newest model view the 39CC at the Miami Show
    • 39′ 3″ Overall Length
    • 11′ 6″ Beam Length
    • 536 Gal Max Capacity
    • Max HP

    Dry, stable, and comfortable, the 37 is bred for performance without sacrificing comfort.
    • 37′ 10″ Overall Length
    • 11′ 02″ Beam Length
    • 410 Gal Max Capacity
    • 1,400 Max HP

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    With an ultra wide, stable platform the Seahunter 35 is able to give you more power options, more fuel capacity, more interior options than ever before.
    Whether you are a professional fisherman, a weekend warrior or a weekend cruiser, the Seahunter 35 offers you more than any other boat in its class.
    • 35′ 11″ Overall Length
    • 11′ 6″ Beam Length
    • 430 Gal Max Capacity
    • 900 Max HP

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    • 33′ 6″ Overall Length
    • 11′ 4″ Beam Length
    • 400 Gal Max Capacity
    • Max HP

    The 32 Tournament delivers big boat performance that can comfortably be towed on a trailer, or behind a yacht.
    Over 80 gals of standard livewells and a 180 gal insulated fish box allows this center console to play with the big boys in any fishing event.
    • 33′ 2″ Overall Length
    • 9′ 10″ Beam Length
    • 304 Gal Max Capacity
    • 900 Max HP

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  • SeaHunter 24'

    Just pack a lunch and decide whether you prefer Tarpon or Sailfish. The 24 does everything right in a versatile boat, and it will pleasantly surprise you every time you decide to push to the extreme.
    • 24′ 6″ Overall Length
    • 8′ 6″ Beam Length
    • 75 Gal Max Capacity
    • 350 Max HP

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